Facebook Live API

Build engaging, interactive live video experiences on Facebook.

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The Live API allows you to build engaging live video experiences on Facebook by seamlessly integrating with your existing broadcast setup and enabling creative new ways to interact with your viewers.

Getting Started

Stream video from more than just your smartphone

The Live API lets you build live streams that mix multiple video and audio sources and introduce special effects. These sources can also include programmatic sources like games or screencasts.

Fox Sports used Grabyo to generate “live instant replay” video clips from a Facebook Live broadcast while it was still in progress.

Create new ways to interact with viewers

When you combine the Live API with Facebook's Graph API, you gain access to your live video's comments, reactions, and mentions. You can use this information to reflect viewer engagement in real time and create on-screen graphics that show live poll results, analyze comments, and enable comment moderation.

CNN worked with Telescope's Live studio to bring comments directly into a Facebook Live video.

Go live from a standalone camera, or even a drone

With the Live API, you can add Live support to your devices to allow your customers to stream high-quality live videos to Facebook with one tap.

Tastemade has used Livestream's Mevo camera, which lets people go live on Facebook with just one tap, simulating multiple HD cameras with a single stationary 4K camera.
Photographer Trey Ratcliff is using the DJI Phantom to start a live travel and aerial photography show on Facebook. The DJI Go app lets pilots go live on Facebook, narrate the show, and see comments from viewers right from their phone or tablet.

Our Partners

Here are a few of our Media Solutions partners already using the Live API: